SK geo centric

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SK geo centric has pioneered the Korean chemical industry by investing in facilities, research and development (R&D), and technological advancement ever since operations began at its first petrochemical production site in Korea in 1972. Leveraging the base oil business, technological development of catalysts and products, and the establishment of global partnerships, SK geo centic has successfully grown into a global chemical company that supplies a diverse array of products. SK geo centric provides advanced materials for automobiles, electronics, telecommunications, consumer goods, and more.

SK geo centric has expanded into packaging and automotive businesses as a means of pursing SK's Green Strategy, which diversifies the product portfolio from commodity chemical products to include eco-friendly, high value-added products.

In addition to current efforts for product improvement, SK global chemical is also focusing on solving global plastic waste issues that threaten mankind and the environment. SK geo centric is conducting proactive R&D projects on various advanced recycling technologies and eco-friendly plastic solutions to accelerate its investment to establish a sustainable plastic value chain.

SK geo centric will continue to strengthen technological competitiveness and create value for customers and society, ultimately accelerating global growth based on green strategies and a circular economy model to offer values that are eco-friendly and enhance the quality of life.


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