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SK's Management System (SKMS) is our philosophy for engaging all SK Group employees and businesses on a path to greater global prosperity. Together, we are driven to support our people and grow our holdings in the communities and industries we serve.

The SKMS is an essential part of SK's business, setting the foundation of how we maximize our collective human capital and resources. When our people thrive, so do we. As such, we continually refine the SKMS to help ensure stability and growth for our colleagues.

Each operating company within SK Group pursues an autonomous and accountable management system under the board of directors, while still working in partnership to encourage long-term development. As SK grows, we can achieve more together. Our drive for better is continually pushing us to go above and beyond to keep our promises, exceed expectations, and maximize our collective well-being.

To learn more about how SK operating companies share and collaborate, please read our full SKMS report.