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The SUPEX Council acts as the highest consultative panel within SK Group and is comprised of representatives from 20 of our SK companies.

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The Council, established in 2013, is the top advisory group within SK, setting strategic direction and providing guidance on a range of essential business topics. There are seven specialized committees formed under the Council that focus on key areas of corporate importance. Together, the Council and its committees help to embody SK’s philosophy of “Independent, Yet United.”

Strategy Committee
The Strategy Committee supports the development and execution of strategies at the Group level, as well as identifies new business and investment opportunities to help drive growth.

Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) Committee
The Information, Communications, and Technology (ICT) Committee discusses critical ICT topics including research and development, business growth opportunities, and talent development.

Communication Committee
This committee ensures fluid communication with our diverse set of stakeholders — both internally and externally — across the world.

Human Resource Development Committee
The Human Resource Development Committee supports the identification and professional development of high-performing senior-level colleagues, utilizing our own SK Management System (SKMS), the foundation of the Group’s corporate culture.

SV (Social Value) Committee
This committee supports SK Group’s commitment to driving social value and promoting mutual growth and happiness among all stakeholders — core to SK’s Double Bottom Line approach.

Governance Committee
The Governance Committee assists the board of directors in establishing and following effective standards of governance that improves transparency and promotes SK’s shareholder-centered management.

Environmental Business Committee

The Environmental Business Committee seeks synergies between SK’s new environment-related businesses and explores joint investment opportunities.

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