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SK E&S has laid the foundation for its evolution into a "Global Clean Energy & Solution Provider" by expanding its business scope to include renewable energy and energy solution businesses as well as liquefied natural gas (LNG), power, and district energy.

SK E&S is the first private Korean company to establish a presence in every part of the LNG value chain. In the upstream business, the company was the first private company in Korea to directly import LNG in 2006. Currently, SK E&S has gas fields in Indonesia, Australia, and the United States. In the midstream business, SK E&S established a foundation for the import and distribution of North American shale gas by securing rights to use the LNG terminal of Freeport based in the United States.

In the downstream business, SK E&S contributes to the stable supply and demand for electricity and supply of gas in Korea. In city gas, the company has the largest market share, operating seven city gas subsidiaries in eight regions nationwide.

SK E&S is taking on the challenge in global markets to achieve its vision of providing clean energy solutions worldwide. The company will advance to the next level as an eco-friendly energy company which is addressing social issues and responding to the global challenge of climate change, specifically by promoting a wide range of LNG-based projects and by expanding renewable energy.


Ko-one Energy Service

Busan City Gas

Chungcheong Energy Service

Yeongnam Energy Service

Jeonbuk Energy Service

Jeonnam City Gas

Kangwon City Gas

Paju Energy Service

Narae Energy Service

Yeoju Energy Service

Boryeong LNG Terminal

SK E S CEO Hyeong wook Choo

Hyeong-wook Choo

CEO and President

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