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International Women’s Day is an important annual milestone for reflecting on the progress made towards greater gender equity – and for celebrating the remarkable talents and achievements of women everywhere in the world. This year, we spoke with four SK employees across the United States whose skills, accomplishments, and passion make SK better every single day. Their contributions not only drive SK forward, but uplift our shared teams, towns, and communities.

The women featured have careers spanning across production, marketing and communications, and sales. SK is deeply grateful to be part of their journeys as they continue to grow and reach new heights in their careers.

Learn more below about some of the exceptional women who truly make SK what it is today, and drive us all toward an even better future.

SK International Womens Day 2023

Stacey Goss, Production Planning at SK Siltron CSS:

“I remember when I moved into my first management position at SK Siltron CSS. I also took on additional responsibilities related to Procurement, Warehousing and Inventory Management. Because of the pandemic, this was a time of major change for the business, new responsibilities, and uncertainties. I encouraged my team to stay focused, supported them in progressing toward success, and made sure we celebrated even the small victories. I am most proud of the teams I have helped lead, and the up-and-coming women leaders I’ve been able to mentor.

“As a rapidly growing company, we continue to add team members that bring a lot of high-volume manufacturing experience. It has been inspiring to watch the team grow, knowing that we are adding the right resources from diverse backgrounds to make CSS successful. At SK Siltron CSS, we have a strong community of successful women that I’m proud to be a part of.”

Kathleen Bentley Juviler, Manager of External Communications with SK Global Development Group:

“My proudest moment at SK was launching our community arts projects in Petersburg, VA, and Bay City, MI. Something that makes SK special is its desire to be a true community partner and help elevate the people and culture of the regions where it invests. The art project highlighted the people that make SK’s communities special – the teachers, small-business owners, artists and more. Being able to highlight the individuals that are the backbone of a community made me really proud.

“I feel very lucky that I can say I truly learn something new every day. It sounds cliché, but here it’s true. Each day I have the opportunity to learn about a new industry or technology that SK is involved in. That continued learning is incredible for me. Not only am I expanding my professional skills, but I am broadening my personal interests and awareness of the technologies that will support a more sustainable future.”

Julia Guan, Sales Operations at SK hynix America, Inc.:

“Our company is more than a place to work. We naturally have a culture where I can communicate openly about my individual vision and capabilities, and I love this very much. I’m focusing on my current career in Sales Operations and gradually broadening the scope of what I can do.

“In the future, I want to familiarize myself with the ins and outs of the Global Sales & Marketing (GSM) team as well. To this end, I want to participate in more activities, make mistakes, and learn and achieve more. One day, I hope to have my own business.”

Saba Malik, Business Communications Coordinator at SK pharmteco:

“I am impressed with the culture at SK pharmteco which focuses on turning challenges into opportunities. SK has very talented and experienced people, who ‘think big’ and work together to find solutions. Capitalizing upon my strengths in marketing, I have helped support the growth of AMPAC Analytical and am now focused on growing AMPAC Fine Chemicals, an SK pharmteco company.

"In the next 5 years, I will use my experience to further strengthen our marketing program and lead the marketing group to grow the value of SK pharmteco. Eventually, I would extend my expertise to support other companies within the SK family. Working at SK pharmteco has been an extremely rewarding experience, and I look forward to continuing to grow.”

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