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What makes a community special? Some might point to the schools, the geography, the business district, or the local history. While these things certainly matter, the real heart of a community lies in its people. It’s the individuals who live and work there that, collectively, create a diverse tapestry of perspectives, experiences, and cultures that simply can’t be rivaled anywhere else.

Each community has its own story to tell. As SK companies continue to invest and expand across the U.S., we take pride in shining a spotlight on what makes each area where we operate so unique.

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Plano: A City Built for Community

SK Signet, a top global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for both consumer and commercial vehicles, opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas in July 2023.

To celebrate the community, SK Signet launched an arts project—called Plano, Texas: A City Built For Community—that highlights the people and places that make Plano such a vibrant city. People like Dollie Thomas, who serves as the programming director of the Plano African American Museum. Or Charmaine Solomon, founder of My Possibilities, which provides job training for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Or Cameron Satterthwaite, owner of Georgia’s Farmers Market, which has been supplying the community with fresh produce since 1976.

The project features portraits and quotes from people who are making a difference in Plano—those who lead volunteer-based organizations, run thriving small businesses, mentor local youth, and bring arts and culture to the public. By engaging with residents, we learned that Plano is a place designed with community in mind. Whether it’s a support group for new moms, a boutique store for those affected by hunger, or a playground for children of all abilities, Plano residents have a knack for identifying gaps and filling them with hard work, passion, and commitment.

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Here, people are proactive about making their community better, going door-to-door to pool local knowledge, and asking others, heart-to-heart, for donations and support. What’s more, the vibrant diversity in Plano, with one-in-four residents born outside the U.S., is a source of immense community pride.

What used to be a small farming community has now become home to almost 300,000 residents. While others might know Plano as one of the fastest growing suburbs of Dallas, at its heart this is a city of locals, old and new, coming together to shape deep understanding and build community.

Plano, Texas: A City Built For Community is our way of thanking Plano for welcoming and embracing SK Signet. We are proud to be a part of the community and we are excited to celebrate the people that make this place truly one-of-a-kind.

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A full list of the businesses and organizations featured in the project include:

City of Plano, Plano Fire-Rescue, Plano Police, Plano Art Walk, Plano Comedy Festival, Plano International Festival, Georgia’s Farmers Market, Plano African American Museum, Plano Moms, North Texas Performing Arts, Haunted Plano, Texas; My Possibilities, Custom Sheds by Keith/Dignity Park, a CSBKLLC Company; Assassination City Roller Derby League, Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation, Anomaly Lifestyle Art and Tattoo, Children’s Advocacy Center, Minnie’s Food Pantry

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