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What makes a community unique? Some may say it’s the schools, geography, industry clusters or area’s history. While all contribute, what really sets a community apart comes down to one thing: the people. The individuals who live and work in a community bring diversity of thought, background, perspective and experiences that could not be replicated elsewhere.

Each community has its own story to tell, and as SK companies continue to invest and expand across the U.S., it’s important to highlight what makes each area where we operate so special.

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Rancho Cordova: A Grassroots City

SK pharmteco, and its legacy business AMPAC Fine Chemicals, have been a part of Rancho Cordova, Calif., for more than 80 years -- longer than the community has been incorporated (2003). Operating its global headquarters and manufacturing sites employing more than 500 in California, the region is significant to SK.

To celebrate the community and build upon the anniversary of its 20th year of cityhood, SK pharmteco developed and launched an arts project that celebrate the people that make Rancho Cordova unique.

Called Rancho Cordova: A Grassroots City, the project captures portraits of individuals who are pillars of the community; those who lead volunteer-based organizations, run thriving small businesses, mentor local youth, and bring arts and culture to the public. These photos and quotes bring to life the people who are making a difference in the area.

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Through conversations with these community members, we learned that Rancho Cordova has grown into a city with a strong sense of diversity, thriving local arts scene and service-oriented mentality. The people are eager to step up and support their neighbors, whether it’s launching a new theater production, serving at a local food locker or teaching children how to advocate for themselves. They’re also proud of the region’s history as an U.S. Air Force town, with a deep commitment to uplifting local veterans.

The Rancho Cordova community is nestled at the crossroads of old and new. While its history as a cityhood is young, its beginnings are rooted in the American Gold Rush and foster a philosophy of “if you build it, they will come.”

Rancho Cordova: A Grassroots City is our way of highlighting and thanking the community for welcoming and supporting the SK pharmteco business over the past 75 years. We are proud to represent Rancho Cordova and to highlight the people that make this place our home.

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A full list of the businesses highlighted in the project include:

Soil Born Farms, California Capital Arts Foundation, Rise Up Theater Company, Sacramento Valley Live Steamers Railroad Museum, Heart Craft Studio, Volunteers of America, The Mills Station Art & Culture Center, California Capital Airshow, Rancho Cordova Food Locker, Sugar Sweetery, Sierra Service Project, Robert Consultant LLC, KP International Market, Cordova Community Council, Folsom Cordova Community Partnership, Mentors at Cordova High, Shorebirds Brewing Company and Sierra Chinese School.

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