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To commemorate Women’s History Month, which is celebrated annually in March, we’re spotlighting several outstanding women colleagues at SK. From helping our customers meet the growing demand for consumer electronics and AI to developing life-changing biotherapeutics, these women are helping SK drive for better and create a stronger tomorrow.

Get to know Tatiana Nanda from SK pharmteco and learn about her work in developing new cell therapies and her passion for helping improve the lives of patients with rare diseases.

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Tatiana V. Nanda, PhD, Senior Director, Head of Analytical Development and Cell Therapy Process Development at SK pharmteco

Can you tell us a bit about your path to SK? What brought you to your current role?

Having spent the majority of my career at large pharma, my scientific contribution was focused on development of established platforms and drug modalities. Because of the incredible promise for improving patients’ lives, I was craving to work on next-generation biotherapeutics. Here at SKPT I am engaged in delivering and developing new therapies, working with both small biotech and large pharma companies. This provides me with exposure to new, groundbreaking technologies, giving me a unique opportunity for continuous learning.

What inspires you about the work you do at SK?

In my job in SKPT, we have opportunities to work with small non-profits and private companies frequently founded by those who are deeply affected by rare diseases. For them, a viral vector or a cell therapy that we produce in SKPT is the only hope for a cure for their loved ones. Being able to contribute and provide hope to these patients motivates and inspires me.

What’s your best piece of leadership advice that you would share with other women at SK?

Don’t be afraid to venture out of your ‘safe zone’ and take on projects or roles that you are not an absolute expert in. Ask yourself three questions: Are you passionate about the impact of this new role? Are you interested in learning and closing the gaps needed to be successful? Would you be surrounded by people you can learn from and who are willing to teach you?

If you answer yes, on all of them, go for this new challenge. You can do it!

What is your favorite thing about SK’s culture?

SK truly values its employees, recognizing that they are the company’s most important resource. I see that in how we prioritize people development and growth. This includes special committees driven by employees and supported by senior management that ensure everyone at SK has the tools and training opportunities to grow and learn. In addition, management on all levels ensure opportunities to work in roles external to their direct function, enabling growth not only vertically in their career ladder, but also widening their expertise and business acumen.

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