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At SK, we're committed to building economic and social value with our communities in the U.S. and around the world. Investing in ESG (environmental, social, and governance) values is a top focus for our businesses – and an enthusiastic passion for our employees.

We recently spoke with employees from a variety of U.S. locations and SK companies, like AMPAC Fine Chemicals, SK Battery America, SK Siltron CSS, and SK hynix America. From life sciences and semiconductors, to clean energy and advanced materials, the employees featured shared how SK’s innovative solutions will make for a stronger tomorrow.

“If I were to describe what SK is doing to help make the world a better place, I think it's the innovative solutions,” said Allen Jamerson, Director of Federal Government Affairs with SK. “Looking at things from a different lens. It's looking at the double-bottom line of it. The economic impact as well as our social impact.”

SK is determined to drive continuous improvement that can positively impact peoples’ lives. Our teams are passionately committed to uplifting individuals and communities as we work together to make life-saving medications, create jobs in local communities, and develop technology that will help protect our environment by reducing carbon emissions.

In 2022, SK had approximately $15 billion in U.S. investments and assets. We’re committed to reaching more than $50 billion by 2030 – and making a meaningful difference along the way.

“We're not looking at it strictly from a monetary side,” continued Jamerson. “We’re looking at how we can honestly make the world a better place.”

Watch the video to hear about these employees’ experiences and find out more about how SK is committed to building a better future.

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