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Community is at the heart of everything.

And at the heart of every community is its people. These are the individuals who come together to create a diverse tapestry of perspectives, experiences, and cultures that simply can’t be replicated anywhere else.

The word community itself has an alluring power. It conveys a sense of inclusiveness and belonging. Members of a community have a sense of trust and caring for each other—a sense of shared history that holds them tight and gives them strength.

Each community has its own story to tell. As SK companies continue to invest and expand across the U.S., we take pride in shining a light on what makes each area where we operate so unique. Communities like Bay City, Michigan; Petersburg, Virginia; Rancho Cordova, California; and Plano, Texas.

To honor these remarkable places, SK launched a series of public art projects that celebrate all the incredible people and positive energy that make these communities so special.

Alana Tyler
Alana Tyler: Owner, Oasis Dance Academy (Petersburg, Virginia)
Cameron Satterthwaite
Cameron Satterthwaite: Owner, Georgia's Farmers Market (Plano, Texas)
Charmaine Solomon
Charmaine Solomon: Founder & Chair Emeritus, My Possibilities (Plano, Texas)
Kubilay S Vardar
Kubilay S. Vardar: Production Lead, SK Signet (Plano, Texas)
Rick Ray
Rick Ray: Corps Officer, The Salvation Army Community Center of Bay County (Bay City, Michigan)
Rosemary Dugan
Rosemary Dugan: Quality Technician, SK siltron css (Bay City, Michigan)
Shawn Sykora Lance Costley
Shawn Sykora & Lance Costley: Training Manager & Production Supervisor (Petersburg, Virginia)
Wendy Lin
Wendy Lin: Sr. Financial Analyst, AMPAC Fine Chemicals / Principal & Co-Founder of Sierra Chinese School (Rancho Cordova, California)

Bay City, MI: Where Community Shines Bright

After announcing a $300 million investment in 2021, SK Siltron CSS opened the doors of its newest Bay City manufacturing facility to increase the production of silicon carbide (SiC) wafers to support the growth of the EV supply chain.

Why Bay City? Because it offers the best of both worlds. It’s a place that has kept an America of old alive with its small-town feel and tight-knit community, while at the same time presenting big-city opportunities for natives and newcomers alike.

Located along the Saginaw River, its waterfront and trails give residents ample opportunity for outdoor activities against a stunning backdrop. Appearances aside, it’s the people who make Bay City much more than just another riverine town.

Bay City: Where A Community Shines Bright was created to honor community members, local leaders, and business owners who have played a part in making Bay City so special. People like Rick Ray, who has served as Corps Officer at The Salvation Army Community Center of Bay County for 26 years. Or Rosemary Dugan, a quality technician at SK Siltron who cherishes her childhood summers in Bay City getting root beer floats at the local A&W with her dad.

Petersburg, VA: A City of Opportunity

AMPAC Fine Chemicals (AFC), an SK pharmteco company, has created more than 150 new jobs and invested more than $25 million in its Petersburg site as part of a commitment to bring high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing to the U.S.

Ask anyone in Petersburg what they enjoy about the city of roughly 33,000 people, and you’ll find many through-lines. Its architecture, its up-and-coming art scene, its strong sense of community. It’s a space rich in community with a blossoming future that seeks to bring folks from all walks of life together — whether it’s through urban farming, creative projects, small business ownership, or youth development and mentorship.

Both the lifelong locals and newcomers showcased in Petersburg: A City of Opportunity are passionate about ensuring that Petersburg is a city of opportunity, growth, and interconnectedness. People like Alana Tyler, Owner of Oasis Dance Academy, who is inspiring a new generation of citizens. Or Shawn Sykora, training manager, and Lance Costley, production supervisor at AMPAC who both do double duty being involved with local youth. Or Dr. Brandie Lee, club director of the Petersburg Boys and Girls Club, who is forging a sense of connectedness throughout the community.

Bay City Install Image from Photoville
In Bay City, MI, SK Group and SK Siltron CSS honored the company’s commitment to the region by shining light on the local leaders, educators, artists and small business owners that are helping Bay City thrive.
Petersburg Install 1 Image from Photoville
At the Petersburg Area Art League, SK Group and AMPAC Fine Chemicals highlighted the small business owners, entrepreneurs, volunteers and educators who make Petersburg stand out.
Petersburg Install 2 Image from Photoville
The project, titled “Petersburg, VA: A City of Opportunity,” emphasized the tight sense of community, celebrated the small business owners and shined light on youth mentorship programs that are supporting the growth of the city’s future leaders.
Plano Install 1 Image from Photoville
In downtown Plano, TX, SK Group and SK Signet celebrated the recent opening of a new EV charging facility with an art installation that reinforced why SK Signet is proud to be a new member of the Plano community.
Plano Install 2 Image from Photoville
The project, titled “Plano, Texas: A City Built for Community,” shed the light on how the city has created a unique, diverse and familial environment for residents, all of which support each other’s successes and endeavors.
Rancho Cordova Install 1 Image from Photoville
The project, titled “Rancho Cordova, CA: A Grassroots City,” shed a light on the doers, makers and entrepreneurs that have helped shape the city’s strong sense of diversity, thriving local arts scene and service-oriented mentality.
Rancho Cordova Install 2 Image from Photoville
SK Group and SK Pharmteco installed a community art project at the Village Green in Rancho Cordova, CA, highlighting the community members that make a meaningful difference.
Rancho Cordova, CA: A Grassroots City

SK pharmteco, and its legacy business AMPAC Fine Chemicals, have been a part of Rancho Cordova for more than 80 years—longer than the community has been incorporated (2003).

The Rancho Cordova community is nestled at the crossroads of old and new. While its history as a cityhood is young, its beginnings are rooted in the American Gold Rush and foster a philosophy of “if you build it, they will come.”

Rancho Cordova has grown into a city with a strong sense of diversity, thriving local arts scene and service-oriented mentality. The people are eager to step up and support their neighbors, whether it’s launching a new theater production, serving at a local food locker, or teaching children how to advocate for themselves. They’re also proud of the region’s history as an U.S. Air Force town, with a deep commitment to uplifting local veterans.

Rancho Cordova: A Grassroots City captures the individuals who are pillars of the community—those who lead volunteer-based organizations, run thriving small businesses, mentor local youth, and bring arts and culture to the public. Individuals like Kiyo Sato, an author and U.S. Air Force Veteran, who survived a concentration camp and later became the only non-white student in her nursing class. Or Wendy Lin, a senior financial analyst, AMPAC, who co-founded the Sierra Chinese School, growing it from 14 students to almost 200.

Plano, TX: A City Built for Community

SK Signet, a top global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) chargers for both consumer and commercial vehicles, opened its first U.S. manufacturing facility in Plano, Texas in July 2023.

Plano is a place designed with community in mind. Whether it’s a support group for new moms, a boutique store for those affected by hunger, or a playground for children of all abilities, Plano residents have a knack for identifying gaps and filling them with hard work, passion, and commitment.

What used to be a small farming community has now become home to almost 300,000 residents. While others might know Plano as one of the fastest growing suburbs of Dallas, at its heart this is a city of locals, old and new, coming together to shape deep understanding and build community.

Plano: A City Built For Community features portraits and quotes from people who are making a difference in Plano. People like Charmaine Solomon, founder of My Possibilities, which provides job training for adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Or Cameron Satterthwaite, owner of Georgia’s Farmers Market, which has been supplying the community with fresh produce since 1976. Or Kubilay S. Vardar, production lead at SK Signet, who has embraced the quality of life in Plano, from its lively restaurants and festivals to its stunning walking and hiking trails.

Home is Where Community Is

This series of public art projects is our way of thanking these four cities for welcoming and embracing SK. We are proud to be a part of the community and we are excited to celebrate the people that make these places truly one-of-a-kind.

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