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Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient White Paper 13

SK pharmteco produces APIs in the U.S., for the U.S.

Active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) are parts of any drug that produce its intended effect. In other words, APIs make drugs work. They’re an essential component of U.S. public health and safety.

For decades, APIs were in large supply because they were largely manufactured in home countries, but recent changes in the global pharmaceutical industry and the shift towards lower-priced generic drugs have increased API manufacturing in low-cost labor markets. The Biden Administration’s June 2021 100-day review of pharmaceutical and API supply chains found that 87% of global generic API facilities are now located outside of the United States, of which China and India currently account for approximately 42%. As a result, U.S. pharmaceutical manufacturers are dependent on foreign sources for critical ingredients, reducing the availability of vital medication for American consumers.

Drug shortages amid the COVID-19 pandemic highlight the importance of a robust supply chain to protect against future crises. SK pharmteco is committed to address this need – producing APIs in the U.S., for the U.S. To reduce reliance on a single source, SK pharmteco maintains a diverse global presence, with a headquarters in Rancho Cordova, California, facilities in El Dorado Hills, California; La Porte, Texas; Petersburg, Virginia, and in U.S. allied nations, including South Korea; Ireland; and France. Through coordination with the Biden Administration, bipartisan Members of Congress, the HHS, FDA, and others, SK pharmteco is prepared to advance prescription drug production in the United States to ensure Americans get the medications they need.

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