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At SK, we believe a global business can thrive by creating social value while also delivering financial returns. We operate with a Double Bottom Line (DBL) framework so we can create sustainable business growth while always delivering a positive impact on society.

Our investments are the backbone of our global progress. There are billions of dollars in assets in our U.S. portfolio - and an additional $10 billion planned for the future.

We build the industries that drive future financial and social prosperity. We invest in game-changing businesses and nurture them for long-term success; we partner with communities and customers to maximize their collective potential and impact; and we do right by our people by continually creating new ways to lift lives, personally and professionally.

Across the U.S., our affiliates are committed to a diverse range of businesses with significant new growth potential and a positive impact on society:

  • SK hynix in San Jose, California is delivering memory solutions and image sensors to power next-generation technologies, including 5G, AI and IoT.
  • SK innovation in Commerce, Georgia is building a $1.67 billion plant to supply lithium-ion batteries for the growing U.S. electric vehicle market.
  • SK life sciences Inc. in Paramus, New Jersey is pursuing breakthroughs for those with Central Nervous System (CNS) disorders.
  • SKC Inc. in Covington, Georgia created Ecolabel, the world’s first fully recyclable shrink-wrapped label for PET bottles.
  • SK telecom and Sinclair Broadcast Group have formed a joint venture in Virginia to help seamlessly stream ultra-high definition video to mobile environments, including moving vehicles.

These are the kind of high-impact, transformative businesses that we invest in. At SK, we're committed to building a better tomorrow. This is our path to global prosperity. This is the future of SK.

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