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By 2035 more than 83 million electric vehicles are projected to travel on U.S. roads. This transition away from the traditional combustion engine requires new infrastructure, including charging stations able to recharge batteries efficiently. It’s a challenge that Atom Power, which counts SK as an investor, is meeting thanks to a sturdy technology first developed more than a century ago - the circuit breaker.

Much like charging stations, Atom Power’s advanced circuit breakers digitally communicate with vehicles to safely and efficiently recharge batteries. Unlike charging stations, Atom Power’s premium technology is not outside, exposed to the elements but instead safely stored inside an electricity room. What’s outside, supplying electrons to EV batteries, are simple devices communicating with Atom Power’s circuit breakers to efficiently recharge EV batteries.

“If you're charging directly from the circuit breaker, as Atom Power does, that means that the technology in front of the vehicle is not as high value, which enables very low maintenance and anxiety,” explains Atom Power CEO and founder Ryan Kennedy. He adds: “Our approach enables large-scale energy management and enables customers not to have to build out a super huge infrastructure for a lot of chargers.”

From charging solutions, like Atom Power’s, to EV batteries, across multiple industries, SK companies are investing in solutions that cut emissions and help make road transportation more sustainable.

Watch our video to learn more about Atom Power’s unique EV charging solution.

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