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COVINGTON, Ga., – The U.S. Department of Commerce and Absolics, Inc., announced this month a preliminary memorandum of terms in which Absolics will receive a potential $75 million in direct funding as part of the CHIPS and Science Act.

This funding will support construction of Absolics’ Covington, Ga., manufacturing site, and commercialization of the company’s groundbreaking semiconductor material. This is the first proposed CHIPS investment in a commercial facility for semiconductor materials and manufacturing equipment.

Absolics’ Georgia site manufactures a glass substrate – a thin layer of glass on which processing and memory chips can be mounted together to create the brains of a computing system. The material reduces the space required for a multi-chip package, allowing more chips to be packed into a single device.

Absolics’ glass substrate nears completion in its manufacturing process. The material will reduce the space required for a multi-chip package, allowing for more chips to be packed into a single device.

The glass substrate is considered a breakthrough because it can significantly increase the performance and energy efficiency of chipsets. SKC and Absolics originally developed the technology as part of a research consortium with the Georgia Institute of Technology. Absolics would be the first in the world to mass produce the material.

SKC CEO Woncheol Park speaks at an event in May at Absolics’ Covington, Ga., site to highlight proposed funding for Absolics under the CHIPS and Science Act.

“With the support of this proposed CHIPS funding, Absolics will be able to fully commercialize our pioneering glass substrate technology for use in high-performance computing and cutting-edge defense applications. This effort is crucial in establishing a robust semiconductor advanced packaging ecosystem in the State of Georgia and restoring the U.S.’s leadership in semiconductor industry. Our new facility in Covington will not only enhance our ability to produce high-quality glass substrates but also create high-skilled jobs and drive innovation through our partnership with Georgia Tech,” said Absolics CEO Jun Rok Oh. “Absolics is proud to contribute to the resilience and competitiveness of the American semiconductor industry.”

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