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  • SK Inc. Materials signs Heads of Agreement with ExxonMobil to collaborate on Blue Ammonia business
  • SK is expected to offtake supplies of blue ammonia from ExxonMobil’s planned low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia facility at its U.S. Baytown integrated complex

February 22, 2023 - SK Inc. Materials will collaborate with ExxonMobil in the blue ammonia business, as part of their plan towards a lower-emission future. The parties have signed a Heads of Agreement (HOA) for SK Inc. Materials to pursue the offtake of blue ammonia from ExxonMobil’s planned low-carbon hydrogen project at its integrated complex in Baytown, Texas.

SK Inc. Materials, (CEO Young-Wook Lee,, said that the two parties signed an HoA to advance a blue ammonia production project, that leverages carbon capture and sequestration technology at ExxonMobil’s low-carbon facility in Baytown, Texas. SK is seeking to import blue ammonia produced from ExxonMobil to South Korea in support of reducing industrial emissions.

230221 EXXONMOBIL Ho A 02
[From the left] Dan Ammann (ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, President) Young Wook Lee (CEO, SK Inc. materials)

Blue ammonia is produced by combining nitrogen and hydrogen derived from natural gas feedstocks with the carbon dioxide (CO2) by-product captured and sequestered for permanent storage, ensuring less carbon is emitted through the process. When co-fired with coal in an existing Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP), blue ammonia emits no additional CO2, and total emissions from power generation is reduced by the amount of blue ammonia co-fired. Co-firing is a combustion technology that uses two or more fuel sources for power generation.

The window for blue ammonia offtake will coincide with South Korea’s Ammonia Co-firing initiative, and SK has plans to introduce blue ammonia solutions to further support the Clean Energy transition. The company commented, “Blue ammonia will replace conventional coal as a main fuel and accelerate energy transition with less carbon footprint and cleaner power.”

SK and ExxonMobil will continue the current collaboration framework and work towards additional lower carbon solutions for their mutual benefit.

Young-Wook Lee, CEO of SK Inc. Materials, commented, “Starting with Blue Ammonia collaboration, we look forward to working with ExxonMobil and expand the partnership into other lower carbon value chains. This partnership marks an important milestone in the introduction of blue ammonia that has higher economic and environmental value, and in establishing a reliable supply chain, connecting suppliers and customers with common goals for cleaner energy.

Dan Ammann, President of ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions said: “ExxonMobil’s investment in low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia shows our commitment to reducing our emissions and supporting customers globally in their decarbonization efforts.”

230221 EXXONMOBIL Ho A 03
[From the left] Kiseon Park (Head of Business Development Center, Vice President, SK Inc. materials & CEO, SK materials Group14); Irtiza Sayyed (ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, APAC President); Eun Kyung Sung (Vice President of Global Development Group, SK SUPEX Council); Dan Ammann (ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions, President); Young Wook Lee (CEO, SK Inc. materials); Tracy Lothian (ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions APAC, Vice President); Kenan Nariman (ExxonMobil Korea Inc, President); Michael Bey (ExxonMobil Low Carbon Solutions Hydrogen Product LLC, Vice President); Sung Min Kim (Team leader of Global Development Group, SK SUPEX Council); Jee Hoon Park (Project leader of Business Development Center, SK Inc. materials)

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