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June 3 | SK Lubricants signs premium lube base oil supply contract with PetroChina

SK Lubricants signed a supply contract with China’s largest state-run oil and gas producer, PetroChina. Premium base oil product to be supplied this time is YUBASE Plus, which has significantly improved low-temperature performance and volatility compared to other products. It features great ability to improve fuel efficiency by 2 percent and to reduce greenhouse gases compared to ordinary base oils.

June 4 | SK Telecom demonstrates the world’s first 5G-based next generation broadcasting service

SK Telecom demonstrated 5G-based next-gen broadcasting service in a running self-driving car, in collaboration with the largest U.S. terrestrial broadcasting station Sinclair and an automotive electronics company Harman. This demonstration is meaningful in that the next-gen telecommunication of 5G and the next-gen broadcasting ATSC3.0 technology, have implemented the media environment in the self-driving era. SK Telecom, which has been operating a joint venture with Sinclair since early this year, is planning to supply 5G-ATSC3.0-based solutions to U.S. broadcasting stations in the second half of this year.

June 15 | 2019 SK Global Forum held in the U.S.

2019 SK Global Forum to share SK growth strategy and global market trends while recruiting core talent, was held simultaneously in Jersey City located in the eastern U.S. and in San Francisco. The East Forum involved sessions regarding SK Innovation’s next-generation batteries, high-performance automotive materials, consignment production of drugs by SK Holdings. and new drug development by SK Biopharmaceuticals. The West Forum had panel discussions among experts from Google, Apple and Amazon in the session of semiconductor, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing operated by SK Hynix, SK Holdings C&C, and SK Telecom.

June 17 | AMPAC Fine Chemicals starts its operations at a new production facility

AMPAC Fine Chemicals, a U.S. drug maker acquired by SK Holdings, started operations at its new active pharmaceutical ingredient plant in Petersburg, Virginia. The new production facility is one of AMPAC Fine Chemicals’s three production facilities in the U.S. and will produce a total of 180,000 liters of raw material in four production centers.

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