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Advanced SF, SF+ cells highlight enhanced charging, energy density

LFP, ESS products to be showcased at largest battery trade show in Korea

SEOUL, South Korea -- SK On, a leading global battery manufacturer, announced today it will showcase battery cells highlighting advanced fast-charging solutions along with various products demonstrating its latest R&D achievements at the upcoming battery exhibition in Seoul.

The Advanced SF and SF+ batteries will be among the key exhibition items from SK On at InterBattery 2024, South Korea’s largest battery trade show that will take place at Coex Convention & Exhibition Center in Seoul from March 6 to 8.

Photo 1 SK On Inter Battery Display computer generated image
A rendering of SK On’s exhibition booth at InterBattery 2024 is shown above.

The original SF (Super Fast) Battery, first introduced in 2021, was a high-nickel battery that can be charged from 10 percent to 80 percent in just 18 minutes. The Advanced SF Battery is an upgraded version of the SF Battery, increasing the energy density by 9 percent, while maintaining the same fast-charging time of 18 minutes. Higher energy density means that a battery can store a larger amount of energy, leading to further driving range on a single charge.

The Advanced SF Battery is a result of SK On’s continuous effort to boost its self-developed quick-charging technologies. The charging speed of a battery is determined by the distance lithium ion must travel and the transfer speed. Generally, high energy density comes with high anode resistance when charging, which leads to longer charging time as the speed of lithium-ion transport slows down.

SK On managed to shorten the transport distance of lithium ions with the application of a special coating method that dramatically lowers the anode resistance and also with an anode alignment process.

For the development of the Advanced SF Battery, SK On also utilized an optimized fast-charging protocol with analytics solutions designed to maximize the charging speed for batteries.

The SF+ Battery, another variant of the SF Battery, boasts even quicker charging time than the original: 15 minutes. SK On was able to reduce the transport distance of lithium ions, while increasing their movement speed by applying high-capacity silicon with low-resistance graphite on the self-developed dual layer structure.

Photo 2 Advanced SF
SK On’s Advanced SF Battery will be among the key exhibition items at InterBattery 2024.

At InterBattery 2024, SK On will also showcase the Winter Pro LFP Battery underscoring its low-temperature performances. Generally, a LFP battery suffers 50-70 percent drop in driving range it can offer at a low temperature (-20℃). However, compared to the existing conventional LFP, the Winter Pro LFP Battery extends the charging and discharging capacity by 16 percent and 10 percent, respectively, while increasing the energy density by 19 percent

SK On’s battery portfolio, technologies to be displayed in four exhibition zones

This year, SK On designed its exhibition booth in four zones under the theme of “Speed On,” which signifies the company’s intention to accelerate its growth.

Following an aisle displaying miniatures of SK On battery-powered vehicles, visitors can encounter a spherical LED in the exhibition zone called “Global ON.” The sphere will screen the information and location of SK On’s global operation sites when pressing a button.

In the “Innovative Technology” zone, visitors can check SK On’s top-notch technologies on cathode active materials processing, such as non-washing method.

Residual lithium compound downgrades the performance of cathodes as it forms by-products and unwanted gases when a battery is in service. Water washing is typically used to remove the residual lithium content, but the process worsens the performance of cathodes as it damages the structure of cathode active materials. SK On was able to replace the process with a non-washing method that does not use water, thanks to its self-developed special coating materials.

In the “Application” zone, electric vehicles equipped with SK On batteries will be on display. Visitors will be able to find out specifications and features of SK On batteries that power the Genesis eG80 and the Kia EV9.

SK On’s energy storage system (ESS) will make its public debut in this exhibition zone. A miniature of the company’s next-generation DC Block, which is one-tenth the size of the actual product, will be exhibited along with present features like real-time monitoring of each cell and module conditions.

SK On will also introduce its fire safety technologies on ESS, such as a thermal propagation solution that won a North America ESS fire safety certification and a liquid cooling method that minimizes the temperature difference between cells and enhances efficiency in charging and discharging.

In the “Battery Portfolio Diversification” zone, visitors can meet SK On’s battery products in various form factor and chemistry. With battery products highlighting upgraded features, such as SF+ Battery and Winter Pro LFP Battery, SK On’s prismatic and all solid-state battery products will also be showcased.

“Visitors will be able to find out our top-notch R&D capabilities through the exhibitions,” a SK On spokesman said. “SK On will continue developing innovative technologies and diversifying product portfolios to meet various needs of the customers.”

About SK On

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, SK On is a global leading electric vehicle (EV) battery developer, manufacturer and solutions provider with manufacturing sites in the U.S., Europe and Asia. SK On is part of SK Group, South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate with major global companies in energy, semiconductors and biopharmaceuticals.

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