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  • SK Signet Europe wins first EUR 7.3 million project in the U.K. and begins full-scale operations in five major European countries
  • Secures competitive edge by enhancing customer service capabilities in the EU through a newly established service center in the U.K.
  • Forecasts rapid EV charger market growth in the region in line with the EU’s CO2 emission reduction policy.
  • Aims to contribute to global net zero by advancing the EV era in Europe

Frankfurt, Germany — Feb 21, 2023 — SK Signet, a top global manufacturer of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, secured its first production contract in the U.K., worth EUR 7.3 million, through its European subsidiary, SK Signet Europe. SK Signet Europe, which began operations in December 2022, aims to support the transition to EV’s in Europe and will manufacture ultra-fast chargers for the region, allowing consumers to charge their vehicles quicker and more reliably.

SK Signet announced the establishment of its European operations, SK Signet Europe at CES 2023. Headquartered in Germany, SK Signet Europe will focus on creating sales and business collaboration opportunities in five major EV market-leading countries: Germany, England, Italy, France, and Spain.

Additionally, SK Signet Europe has established a service center in Luton, England to facilitate real-time customer response and product maintenance services across the market. The company will build on its experience in the U.S. to provide customizable solutions and a top-tier charging experience to Europe’s EV drivers.

"Europe, which is spearheading the global EV era, is a significant market for SK Signet and we are committed to electrifying Europe while contributing to the global net zero efforts with our ultra-fast EV Chargers,” stated Jung-ho Shin, CEO of SK Signet.

Sk signet europe
Image of V2, the main product of SK Signet Europe

In 2020, the EU announced its targets to install more than 3 million EV chargers in Europe by 2030. This is in advance of the region’s mandate that the sale of new internal combustion engine vehicles will be banned beginning in 2035. SK Signet Europe’s expansion into the region will support the success of the transition to EV’s, and will provide an elevated charging experience for users.

"SK Signet looks forward to expanding our partnerships across Europe to support the continent’s ambition to curb carbon emissions and make EV’s a reality for more consumers,” said June Park, Chief Marketing Officer of SK Signet Europe.

SK Signet’s Growth

SK Signet has been expanding its facilities to support the global adoption of EVs by providing a high-tech and reliable ultra-fast charging experience for drivers. In the U.S., SK Signet America announced plans in late 2022 to open a new EV charger manufacturing facility in Texas. This facility will provide the first U.S.-manufactured ultra-fast chargers and power cabinets that offer more than 350kW of power.

Sk signet europe CI
SK Signet Europe CI


SK Signet Marketing Director
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About SK Signet

SK Signet is a global leader in smart, convenient charging solutions for all types of electric vehicles. The company holds 19 patents globally in EV charging technology. SK Signet is majority owned by SK Inc., the strategic investment arm of SK Group. Based in Seoul, SK Group is South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate with companies that are global leaders in semiconductors, energy, and life sciences. For more information, visit

About SK Group

SK Group, South Korea’s second-largest conglomerate, is a collection of global industry-leading companies driving innovations in semiconductors, sustainable energy, telecommunications, and life sciences. Based in Seoul, SK invests in building businesses around the world with a shared commitment to reducing global greenhouse gas emissions and increasing the use of renewable energy. For more information, visit

SK companies combined have $139 billion in global annual revenue and employ more than 100,000 people worldwide. SK companies are investing billions of dollars in expanding their U.S. presence with business operations or partnerships in hydrogen energy and fuel cells, EV battery manufacturing and technology, energy storage solutions, pharmaceutical manufacturing and development, semiconductors, and advanced materials. For more information, visit

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