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Sets Course for Expanding Sustainability Efforts in U.S. and Globally

The latest Global E-waste Monitor from the United Nations found that 62 million tonnes of e-waste is being generated annually. That’s 17 pounds of discarded electronics each year for every person in the world.

SK TES, a global leader in repurposing IT assets, released this month results that provide hope for turning the tide on the growing e-waste problem. For 2023, SK TES reported processing nearly 225 million pounds of equipment, including 6.2 million technology devices. The company projected these figures would continue to increase in 2024 based on expansion plans.

A subsidiary of SK Ecoplant, SK TES outlined a vision for pioneering new efforts to repurpose or recycle IT assets and other emerging forms of electronics, including batteries for electric vehicles. Recent or future projects include:

  • Grand opening earlier this year of a flagship IT Asset and Disposal (ITAD) site in Fredericksburg, Virginia, designed to meet the growing needs of hyperscale data centers in the region
  • Plans to double the size of its facilities in Recklinghausen, Germany, and Seattle, Washington, to accommodate growing client demands as SK TES increases its global processing area to 2.7 million square feet
  • Collaborative efforts with leading companies in Asia to advance EV battery recycling and establish a cutting-edge ITAD processing site

“Our goal is not just to grow, but to lead the way in sustainable technology solutions,” said Eric Ingebretsen, SK TES Chief Commercial Officer. “The market is robust and the need for solutions has never been greater. We are excited about the future and remain committed to making a significant impact in the recycling and ITAD sectors.”

For more on the SK TES’ progress and vision, check out this recent press release.

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