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SK is on a journey that, from coast to coast, has our businesses investing in opportunities to help meet our commitment to cut emissions and strengthen our planet and its people.

In the U.S., that commitment to a stronger tomorrow happens daily in places like Bay County, Michigan, where we manufacture advanced materials that help expand the range of EVs, or in Plano, Texas, where we are making the first U.S.-made ultra-fast chargers.

Our journey to help build a better world also happens in Pennsylvania and Virginia, where we develop solutions that improve patients' quality of life worldwide. Our investments also support the development of breakthrough memory chips that power the rise of generative AI.

These investments are building blocks to meeting SK’s ambition to reduce carbon emissions by 200 million tons in 2030.

  • In the U.S., by 2026, EV battery maker SK On and its partners will have more than 180 GWh of annual capacity – enough battery cells to power about 1.5 million new EVs annually.
  • In Georgia, Absolics Inc., a subsidiary of SKC Co. Ltd., oversees a $600 million investment to supply advanced materials to the semiconductor industry, driving the energy efficiency of chipsets.
  • SK Pharmteco acquired a controlling interest in the Center for Breakthrough Medicines. Based in King of Prussia, Pa., the center has extensive cell and gene therapy capabilities.
  • In Bartow County, GA, SK On and Hyundai Motor Group set up a $5 billion joint venture to build an EV battery cell plant.

In the U.S. and beyond, SK is helping build a stronger and more sustainable world for all.

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