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Meet DJ Kim, a vice president of SK Group’s Green Investment Center, which drives many of the company’s investments in solutions that lower emissions and fight the impact of climate change.

It’s an ambitious undertaking shaped by SK’s commitment to reduce carbon emissions by 200 million tons in 2030.

“We aim to grow SK’s green business portfolio to account for 2% of the world’s green industry by asset value by 2030,” explains DJ Kim. From clean energy to sustainable foods and carbon capture, SK invests across multiple sectors. Specifically, it targets companies with solutions that show technical advancement and business viability. “What we are doing can make our planet a better place, but if it isn’t financially viable, it cannot be sustainable,” DJ Kim adds.

SK’s green portfolio includes an investment in Monolith Materials, a leading producer of green hydrogen. It also supports non-animal food companies, including protein-maker Nature’s Fynd and Meatless Farm, which produces meat-free products.

Watch our interview with SK Vice President, DJ Kim to learn more about SK's sustainable investments.

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