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Our planet is facing mounting crises - including plastic waste, scarcity of fresh water and supply chain disruptions - that are influencing the livability and sustainability of our world. According to a report from The City College of New York, nearly 300 million tons of solid waste a year is generated in the U.S. with the number continuing to rise as the population grows.

Recycling is an important and necessary component of creating a more sustainable future for all. SK is actively researching and investing in next-generation recycling solutions to be a leader in the global shift towards a circular economy. Both in the U.S. and globally, SK is committed to being a global leader in recycling practices, technological innovation and investments, particularly as they relate to plastics waste, water and EV batteries.

The following document explains in greater detail SK’s commitment to advancing a circular economy and the steps SK operating companies are already taking.

SK recycling 1
SK recycling 2

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