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Since 1953, we have worked to protect the planet, and lift up people and communities worldwide.

Today, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors drive our societal responsibilities. Together with our economic achievements, our ESG performance creates a holistic vision of our company’s social value and long-term sustainability.

At SK, we promote ESG and social value from two perspectives. We manage capital market demand in the context of ESG performance indicators, and we invest in solutions that closely align with ESG priorities. For efficacy in our measurements of ESG progress, we continually adjust to both global standards for disclosure and to market activities and forecasts.

SK’s 2021 Social Value Measurements Reinterpreted through the UN Sustainable Development Goals

In millions of USD

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To strengthen market confidence and social value creation, we advance our ESG data management systems, and consider a wider range of stakeholder requirements in decisions connected to ESG.

Each SK company pursues Double Bottom Line performance for generating both economic and social value. Following this framework, SK implements mid-to-long-term ESG strategies, informed by social value measurement and ongoing communication with relevant groups and communities.

Since 2021, SK has analyzed global ESG disclosure and evaluation standards to identify core ESG indicators that should be implemented across companies. Based on this research and infrastructure, every SK company strives for ESG leadership consistent with the highest global protocols.

SK’s Key ESG Indicators

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Identification / management of 48 disclosure items in Environmental (E) indicators; 32 disclosure items in Social (S) indicators; and 20 disclosure items in Governance (G) indicators

The drive towards innovative ESG-based solutions strengthens SK’s green businesses and builds a more sustainable portfolio. Critically, this enables SK to operate and grow in close alignment with what’s best for the future of society.

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