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  • SK On’s NCM9 battery receives a Bronze award in the Smart Transportation category
  • Following the Best of Innovation Award at CES, SK On is once again recognized for its technology

SEOUL, Apr. 23, 2023 - SK On, a leading electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, announced today its NCM9 battery has achieved the Bronze award in EV Battery Enhancement of the Smart Transportation category at the prestigious Edison Awards 2023. SK On is the first major global battery manufacturer to win the Edison Award, with the exception of start-ups and R&D companies.

Sk on edison award ncm9

SK On was recognized for its groundbreaking work in the development of the NCM9 battery. NCM9 is the world’s first commercialized NCM battery with a nickel content of nearly 90 percent. NCM is an acronym for the three primary materials used in electric vehicle batteries: nickel, manganese, and cobalt.

The higher nickel content in the NCM9 battery provides better battery output and increased energy efficiency, enabling electric vehicles to achieve high performance. However, the higher nickel content in batteries can lead to potential battery life and thermal issues, making it necessary to use advanced manufacturing technology to produce the battery.

To mitigate these potential issues, SK On applies advanced technologies, including its own Z-folding technology. Z-folding technology is a stacking method that intersects and stacks cathodes and anodes evenly between separators in a zigzag shape to achieve a higher level of safety.

Prior to winning the Edison Award, SK On's NCM9 battery had already demonstrated its technological prowess by winning the Innovation Award for two consecutive years at CES 2023, one of the world’s largest technology exhibitions.

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At CES 2023, SK On received the Best Innovation Award in the field of 'Embedded Technologies' for its SF battery (Super Fast Battery), which highlights its innovation in battery charging speed and performance. This achievement is also the first of its kind in the Korean battery industry.

Established in 1987, the Edison Awards is an annual competition honoring excellence in new product and service development, marketing, design and innovation. It is named after U.S. inventor and businessman Thomas Alva Edison.

"SK On's battery technology has been proven once again by winning an award at a prestigious awards ceremony in the U.S. following the CES Best Innovation Award," a representative from SK On said. "We will continue to showcase advanced battery technologies."


About SK On

SK On is a global leading electric vehicle (EV) battery developer, manufacturer, and solutions provider whose mission is to make our world a cleaner and more convenient place as an electrification linchpin.

SK On was launched as an independent company in October 2021 after SK Innovation, South Korea’s largest energy company, decided to split off its battery business unit. SK On aims to become a world leader in the clean energy industry by leveraging its global production base and R&D capabilities, as well as its production and quality management know-how.

Headquartered in Seoul, South Korea, SK On has a worldwide presence with battery plants currently operating or in construction across the United States, Europe, and Asia.

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